Dragon Industrial Trading Limited
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We have established ourselves as a mini-toys manufacturer in China for more than 20 years. We are one of the well-organized and experienced firms in toy manufacturing industry with more 400 labors and 22 injection and blow molding machines. We provide custom design, tooling, electroplating, spray/hand painting and imprinting services for our customers. By having Sanitary Certificate, we have ability to export toys with Food / Candy.

We have been supplying high quality of premium products to the United Kingdom, Europe and American markets for a number of years, and all our customers have shown every satisfaction with our products and services.

Gealex Toys Mfg. Co. Ltd.
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Gealex Toys Mfg Co. Ltd established in 1978, is an electronic plastic toys manufacturer and exporter, with 3 fully equipped plants located in Shenzhen, China.

Main Office including Marketing, Showroom, Administration and R&D is based in Hong Kong. Our production plants are operated under international quality system ISO 9001, with a total production area of about 200,000 sq. feet and 2000-3500 workers. 

All our products are complied with most of European and other countries Toy Safety Regulations / Standards such as EN71/EMC/EN50088/... etc.

We offer our open items, OEM / ODM are welcome.

Hang Shun Toys Ltd.
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Hang Shun Toys Ltd specializes in producing PVC animal toys. The company provides hundreds of animal figurines and creates new items every year to meet different customers' needs. The product range includes Dinosaurs, Wild, Farm and Ocean animals, Pets, Insert and Reptiles with different packaging options like PVC bags with header cards, tubes, blister cards and window boxes.

Its products, that reach the EN standard and comply with the Phthalate requirement stated in European Directive 2005/84/EC, have been being sold world-wide. Hang Shun is well-known for its competitive prices, good quality and fast & punctual delivery.

The open-market items normally bear the company's logo while customers' labels, customers' header cards and OEM orders are also welcome.

Happy Kin Toys Ltd.
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Animal toys are the best tools to teach children about wildlife and farmyard animals. You can find plenty of quality choices at Happy Kin Toys Limited. The company specializes in PVC products and offers a multifarious array of animal toy sets which are great in workmanship and quality. Happy Kin impresses customers with its efficient one-stop service. From product design, manufacturing to packaging designs, the experienced work teams of Happy Kin provides courteous and personalized service so that you can get the best sales leads in your target market.

Konbo International Ltd.
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With proven track record in creative design and quality production, Konbo International Limited has successfully established itself as a professional YOYO manufacturer since 1998. The company has particularly strong expertise in yoyo wide ranges suitable from beginners, juniors, advanced level then to professional performers. Each product range is meticulously developed to offer the best value and/or aesthetic functions.

Smart Zone (HK) Ltd.
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SmartZone takes pride in its new line of “SMART” products. The company offers superior quality toys and household items with “SMART” concepts and pricing.

Having strong research and development capabilities that can provide full product development support to buyers, SmartZone strives to cater to its customers’ personalized needs.

As a manufacturer, SmartZone is able to provide its own fully developed lines of toys and house wares as well as zooming in on designs that meet its customer’s specific needs. The company is also happy to make customized products!

SmartZone cares about its products. Its quality and safety Assurance Team is involved in every phase of product development and it follows the whole manufacturing process. Through its in-house and external laboratory testing, the company has strong commitment to quality and safety, and it strives to ensure that its products meet the quality requirements of its clients.

Toy-mate Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
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Toy-Mate Manufacturing Company Limited was developed from Hui Zhou City Dong Mei Plastic Handware Products Co., Ltd. which was established in 1998. The company specializes in the production of a variety of plastic products, mainly all kinds of plastic toys. It has a labor force of more than 800 employees who are all skilled and professional. Through the successful operation strategy of internationalization, the products of Toy-Mate are sold around the world, including markets in Europe and the United States, etc. Products produced by Toy-Mate are ensured of high quality at reasonable prices and with prompt services.

Waiphoon (China) Ltd.
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Waiphoon (China) Ltd. is confident in delivering world class products and services for you. The company prides itself as a PVC animal and dinosaur figure specialist and offers a well-developed range of designs. With a rich portfolio of experience in the market, Waiphoon can handle the whole production process with great efficiency at the highest possible quality. Its R&D and sales teams work closely with customers to develop OEM projects that answer to customers’ specific requirements. Production lines of Waiphoon are located in Dongguan, China. The company has its own sculptors which effectively minimize cost and time in prototyping. Every product is manufactured under rigorous quality control.

Well Success Toys Ltd.
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Well Success Toys Ltd is a professional manufacturer of all kind of play set for 11.5”(29cm) fashion dolls, (Doll not included) such as furniture play set, decoration, dollhouse and vehicles etc. Our brand "My Fancy Life", “Rose Palace” and "City Girl" play set series was established a good reputation in the worldwide. Our products range contains over 200 difference style items for selection. 

Our products are corresponded to US & European Safety Standard.

Our well equipped factory is located in Fujian, China, which occupies over 5,000 square meters area. We provide products in good quality with competitive price and prompt service. "OEM"&"ODM" projects & promotional programmers are cordially welcomed.

Yick Fung (Far East) Metal & Plastics Mfg. Ltd.
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We are a manufacturer of variety of a fabulous fun toys, gifts & party favour. We have our own line of production and factory which can offer our products at reasonable price but good quality. 

In order to meet the special need of our customers, we have endeavored to offer our products with the customer's logo or label. Although customer's design are most welcome. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.