Artrain Industrial Ltd.
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Artrain Industrial Limited is an art and craft manufacturer and exporter. The company was first established as a brush factory in 1962. In 2001, the ‘Artrain’ trading brand is registered, establishing a milestone for the development of Artrain in the international market. In order to catch up with the tight schedule of customers and to safeguard its product quality, Artrain has set up Winsome Manufactory in China in 1986. The plant is established according to the production needs and company development of Artrain. It covers a total area of 15,000 square meters with 3 main factory buildings. The plant has received ISO 9002: 2000 certificate. All products of Artrain allow for creativity and conform to ASTM and EN71 part1~3 with full sets of reports available on request. Artrain wants children to be creative, intelligent, happy and curious to the environment. The company has a powerful new product development team which enables the company to upgrade its existing products while at the same time develops new and innovative ideas which are fun, safe and mind-stimulating.


Dynamic Scientific Ltd.
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DYNAMIC SCIENTIFIC LIMITED, is a joint-venture corporation which is formed by CITIWELL Industrial Ltd. and Kingsurf Plastic Product Ltd. Both companies have been in optical, science and educational products manufacturing industry since early 90’s. Our main production plant is located in Hui Yang (Guangdong Province), which is 60km from China / Hong Kong border (Lowu). With our years experience and knowhow in this field, having our own design team and mold shop in the plant, we commit ourselves to develop innovative Optics, Science products with fun and educational element. Our specialty with excellent quality brings us a high reputation in the industry and as a well-known OEM, ODM partner. Our wide range of products distribute to most countries in the world including North America, Japan, Europe and others.

Cityworld Int'l (HK) Ltd.
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Cityworld Intl (HK) Ltd. Prides Itself as A Professional Manufacturer of Graft Toys, Electronic & Interactive Plush, Watertoys and Gift Products. The Company Offers Fun, Safe And Creative Products To Kids And Adults Around The World.

Cityworld Intl (HK) Ltd. Is Backed With Complete and Advanced Production Facilities Located In Guandgdong (China) With Plastic Injection Machines, Mold Making Facilities and Fully Equipped Assembly Lines. Cityworld Intl (HK) Ltd. Is A Total Service Provider with Integrated Design, Manufacturing and Marketing Solutions. The Company Also Operates ODM/OEM Service for Other International Companies.

Such Strong Production Ability and Capacity Enables Cityworld Intl (HK) Ltd. To Offer Cost Effective And High Quality Products With Great Efficiency.

COG Limited
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COG Limited aims to inspire. For more than two decades, the company has been dedicated to creating educational toys and lifestyle products which inspire imaginative minds of both children and adults. COG is formed by a group of experienced and dedicated specialists who have profound knowledge on graphic design, product design, computer programming, animation, management and manufacturing to turn creative ideas into fantastic products. COG has successfully created many unique and attractive product collections. These include “Dino Horizons”, the world’s largest collection of dinosaur-themed products; the well-rounded “Ein-O Science”, which has been continuously expanding its substantial collection of science kits adopting a ‘hands-on’ approach to promote active learning; “Trixy and Troy”, a collection launched in 2008 for young learners aged 3-6 with a newly-introduced Kids Discovery series featuring a comprehensive range of play-and-learn kits; “MINDZ”, a series of activity kits such as action packed games, flash cards, multimedia CD ROMs which enable everyone to create and have fun.


Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Ltd.
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Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Ltd., a member of the Eastco Group, is recognized in manufacturing educational toys not limited to microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, and science kits since 1991.“Harmony, honesty, innovation, and excellence” is our business motto. We work to achieve our vision of being one of the world’s premier toy brands. With an in-house R&D team of over 20 designers and engineers based in Hong Kong and China, as well as a tightly controlled & self-owned factory of 600,000 sq. ft. for one-stop service including product design, tooling, injection, die-casting, colour-spraying, pad-printing, assembling, and warehousing, our products are universally acknowledged by customers of over 100 countries. Eastcolight has been introducing products with fun & innovative features and include new technologies & engaging content which keeps our valued customers coming back again! We believe our business success lies in having total control of every part of the business from designs, produces, and markets by ourselves, for delivering inspiration for customers worldwide. We look forward to building up long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships with you.

FunTime Toys Co. Ltd.
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As a toy manufacturer for over 30 years, we can offer the best selection of infants, pre-school, educational, bath & sand, spring & summer toys. With over 600 items in these catergories, we are confident of supplying the most comprehensive selection. Together with our attractive & informative packaging, they can make a dramatic statement that will facilitate selection & boost sales. Contact us for a set of catalogues to see our efforts in the fields.


Kid's Toys (HK) Ltd.
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Renowned for its outstanding and consistent product quality, Kid’s Toys (HK) Limited presents to the market a brilliant array of art & craft, fun case, kid’s dough, modelling clay, learning set and plaster. The professional manufacturer and exporter prides itself for adopting advanced production techniques and creating a wide range of innovative ideas for the market. Kid’s Toys has already established a strong presence in most part of the world. OEM orders and customers’ original ideas are cordially welcome.


Metas Hong Kong Ltd.
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METAS Hong Kong Limited, established in 2014, is leading brand of educational products based in Hong Kong. The company is dedicated to STEM education. Its name, METAS, is comprised of the initials of Maths, Engineering, Technology, Arts and Science. The philosophy of METAS’s design and innovation also builds on these five aspects. METAS aims to provide a fun, challenging and teamwork-based learning environment for children. The company offers a series of educational toys and curriculum to provide an active learning environment for children to allow them to explore, experiment, create and share their new ideas and creativity.


Nu Look IPI Enterprises Ltd.
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Nu Look IPI Enterprises Ltd., Hong Kong is a company that has been doing for more than 17 years. We have well-established office in Hong Kong, and production factory in China. We specialize in producing and marketing in optical & scientific products, which cover a board range of microscopes, telescopes, science and educational. Our products have directly marketed all over the world.

Through our product range, children can develop their learning abilities, evaluation things, knowledge in every aspects of facts. In regards to the safety standard, all these products are also complied with the lab test safety requirements. We also provide the manufacturing and developing of private label products, and enable any combination or components that may use for your needs.

Panley Paper Products Co. Ltd.
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Thanks to many years of valuable experience in the printing industry, Panley Paper Product Co., Ltd. has become one of the pioneers and leaders in the manufacturing of various types of puzzle, and other paper products, such as paper bags and packing boxes. Panley’s manufacturing plant is well-equipped with the state-of-the-art technology that enables the company to produce supreme quality products with very cost-effective approach. Such a high efficiency of quality management has been verified by the certification of ISO 9001. Panley produces puzzles mainly on OEM basis. If you want to find a reliable business-partner, it is no doubt that Panley would be your best choice.

Red Star Holdings Ltd.
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Red Star Holdings Limited has established a leading reputation as a one-stop supplier for all kinds of crafts and sewing products. Its complete service covers virtually all your needs, from material sourcing, R&D, animation production to manufacturing and product distribution. The company has invested in its own production facilities to undertake all kinds of OEM and ODM projects. In addition, Red Star also manufactures under other brand names, including i-STUDIO, a collection of creative arts and crafts for kids with safety craft notions which is targeted to different age groups; Club Notions, a wide range of accessories for knitting, sewing, embroidery, sewing notions, etc. available with retail packing; La-Watsche, ladies’ fashion with Italian inspired designs; and Durak, a world famous premium-quality sewing & embroidery threads in continuous filaments with wide applications including leather, shoes and bags, etc. Please contact Red Star for your inquiry.

Sam & Partners Ltd.
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Sam & Partners Limited takes pride of its professional knowledge and experience in dough products. The company was established in 1994 with head office in Hong Kong and production facilities in Mainland, China. Product quality stands on top of its priority list, as always. Its dough products conform to European and American safety standards, including tests of EN-71 Part 1-3 & Part 9, Cadmium Content, ASTM F963-03, LHAMA, TRA., USP<51>, USP<61>, etc. Its products also pass with Japan toy Safety Standards (ST). Sam & Partners has a strong and creative team of designers and engineers to turn any fascinating idea into marketable product. The company welcomes OEM and ODM projects. It also distributes its own private brand “Doh-Dough” to Europe, South America and East Asian countries.

Vtech Electronics Ltd.
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VTech Electronics Ltd. is one of the world's largest suppliers of corded and cordless telephones and electronic learning products (ELP). We also provide highly sought-after contract manufacturing services. Founded in 1976, the Group's mission is to be the most cost effective designer and manufacturer of innovative, high quality consumer electronics products and to distribute them to markets worldwide in the most efficient manner. VTech is the world leader in electronic learning products, a category in which the Group has played a pioneering role since launching its first ELP in 1980. From our home base in Hong Kong, China, VTech now sells its electronic learning products to more than 20 countries, in 15 languages. The major product lines of our ELPs are: Platform Products (V.Smile TV Learning System & Bugsby Reading System) and Standalone Products (Infant Toys, Pre-School Toys, Electronic Learning Aids & Jungle Gym).

Vanker Industries Ltd.
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We was found in 1996. Our factory has got the ICTI, BSCI, ETI approval. Our products are conformed to EN71 part 1,2,3 and 9, LHAMA ASTM D-4236, BS7272 part 1,2.

We have Clean Room facilities, Two-Pass Reverse Osmosis System, Microbiology Laboratory, GC/MSD, ICP.

AS our Safety concern mentioned earlier, materials used have been carefully selected, it mainly from US, Japan, German and Taiwan.
We are looking forward to serving you in near future.