Profile: Nu Look IPI Enterprises Ltd., Hong Kong is a company that has been doing for more than 17 years. We have well-established office in Hong Kong, and production factory in China. We specialize in producing and marketing in optical & scientific products, which cover a board range of microscopes, telescopes, science and educational. Our products have directly marketed all over the world. 

Through our product range, children can develop their learning abilities, evaluation things, and to have knowledge in every aspects of facts. In regards to the safety standard, all these products are also complied with the lab test safety requirements. We also provide the manufacturing and developing of private label products, and enable any combination or components that may use for your needs.


The Playmind group of companies is founded in 1997 by Mr Vincent Thai, a well-read toy maker with a prophetic vision. The Group is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2017. Our major markets include North America, Latin America, Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Asia Pacific. 

Currently, the Group has 3 core companies namely Playmind Ltd., National Products Ltd., and last but not least Sweet N Fun Ltd. Playmind specializes in the design and distribution of general toys which include but not limited to toy vehicles, action figures, action games, role play sets, plush toys, toy weapons, and spring & summer toys; National Products markets a wide range of licensed, stylish battery operated ride-on toys and foot-to-floor vehicles; Sweet N Fun is the Asia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of novelty confectionery & gumball dispensers worldwide, under numerous world-renowned confectionary and character licenses. Our vision is to provide quality product with breakthrough designs that are appealing to our next generation, fun to play with and also enhance their development. 

Playmind products are divided into 3 major categories of toys: action figures, scale vehicles and spring and summer toys. Playmind Group of Companies is a leading TOY manufacturer, with well-established factories in China, based in Hong Kong. 

Playmind Group consists of the following companies: 

Playmind Ltd. - Boy toys

National Products Ltd. - Large ride-on vehicles 

Golden Wheel Industries Ltd. – Licensed and scaled die cast vehicles 

Wilco Products Ltd. – Girl toys

Established by a bunch of Micro:Bit and Raspberry Pi geeks in Hong Kong, our team consists of makers and entrepreneurs who hail from 8 countries and love to experiment with new technologies.

As a reputable leader in the IOT space we have customers in over 10 countries, and over 350 schools use our STEM and IOT products. We are the only STEM & IOT company in Hong Kong who has been appointed official technical IOT adviser to a number of well-known educational institutions in Hong Kong and China.
Muse Lab recently developed a unique Lego compatible modular housing - MuseBricks. With a motor and battery shield included and a WIFI module that will add much flexibility and benefit to the users, these products are arguably the only ones available at this moment in time. 

Muse (amusement) Lab brings lots of fun to the world of IOT for students. 
Profile: With proven track record in creative design and quality production, Konbo International Limited has successfully established itself as a professional YOYO manufacturer since 1998. The company has particularly strong expertise in yoyo wide ranges suitable from beginners, juniors, advanced level then to professional performers. Each product range is meticulously developed to offer the best value and/or aesthetic functions.
Motormax was founded in 1997 and is under the same Mother Company of the brand Red Box. For almost 20 years, it has been specializing in manufacturing highly detailed, authentic & licensed, collectible die-cast and plastic replicas of various vehicles, including model cars and motorcycles, in addition to model airplanes, helicopters, and ships. Besides the 500 different vehicle replicas, the company also manufactures a great variety of plastic toy playsets and children’s role play toys.

The mission of the company is to design, manufacture and sell high-quality toys at competitive prices to customers all over the world. To ensure the best possible quality controls, manufacturing efficiency and cost effectiveness, the company uses a high, vertically-integrated production and distribution process that includes designing, prototyping, engineering, tooling, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the products in and from its own factories and offices.