Profile: Hong Kong-based 4M is recognized as one of the premium brands in the educational toy trade. Since 1993 when 4M started with OEM service, the company has developed its own branded gadget items with glow in the dark products. Showcasing itself as a brand-builder, the company aims to grow 4M brand, delight its customers and deliver ever-more creative, innovative, high quality products that make learning fun.

Since 1999, 4M has developed its own educational toys series, mainly in the categories of science and crafts: the science category, including KidzLabs, Green Science and Fun Mechanics, emphasizes fun learning on experimental kits that would inspire young minds; and the crafts category, such as Mould & Paint, emphasizes fun crafts and inspiring kits. In 2015, the company developed its first AR wonder series – Dino Codes, a combination of physical toys and AR features, for which the company received Consumer Product Design Award of Hong Kong Awards for Industries 2016. The company also received Certificate of Merit for Innovation and Creativity as well as Technological Achievement in the same year.

Seeing educational toys as the market trend, the company continues to innovate and manufacture premium products that stimulate mental development, particularly STEAM toys (Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Math). The company has a strong commitment to develop and manufacture educational-fun toys that inspire the young generation to learn from simple but interesting experiments in a fun way.

Profile: Smart Kid International Ltd. is one of the most widely recognized manufacturers specializing in a wide range of radio controlled toys, such as radio controlled replica car with scale ranging from 1:40, 1:24, 1:18, 1:10 and 1:8. The company is also a professional supplier of radio-controlled ship and plane. All these years, the company has been actively engaged in continual improvement of its product and service quality. Its products conform to most international safety standards for different markets of the world, such as EN71, EN50088, EMC & R&TTE for Europe and FCC & ASTM for US. To expand its market presence, the company has founded its own brand name Smart Kid. For more information of its products and services, please contact the sales and marketing team of Smart Kid.
Profile: We firstly established as a brush factory in 1962 and then expanded our production lines to various types of art materials such as poster paint, watercolor and crayons. Years later, with our success in art supplies industry, we took a further step in art & craft activities development. In 2001, Artrain was registered as our trading brand and now it becomes one of the prestige brands in the industry. 
Art is recently added to STEM educational approach, forming STEAM initiative in order to encourage children to come up with creative solutions towards real-world problems. Therefore, products from Artrain without a doubt fulfill the A - Art in STEAM, by which children can learn, think critically and incite their imagination through Artrain Art & Craft products. 

Today, Artrain has a powerful New Product Development team backed up by the technical and chemical supporting staff. With our continuous research in existing products features and new products possibilities, we keep our two streams of parallel development in quality improvement and innovative invention.

Our Sales team is ready for your enquiries about our products or business cooperation plans. We welcome all OEM and ODM projects. Moreover, various testing reports (e.g. ASTM and EN71) can be supplied to prove our product safety.

Profile: Cityworld Intl (HK) Ltd. Prides Itself as A Professional Manufacturer of Graft Toys, Electronic & Interactive Plush, Watertoys and Gift Products. The Company Offers Fun, Safe And Creative Products To Kids And Adults Around The World.

Cityworld Intl (HK) Ltd. Is Backed With Complete and Advanced Production Facilities Located In Guandgdong (China) With Plastic Injection Machines, Mold Making Facilities and Fully Equipped Assembly Lines. Cityworld Intl (HK) Ltd. Is A Total Service Provider with Integrated Design, Manufacturing and Marketing Solutions. The Company Also Operates ODM/OEM Service for Other International Companies.

Such Strong Production Ability and Capacity Enables Cityworld Intl (HK) Ltd. To Offer Cost Effective And High Quality Products With Great Efficiency.

Profile: COG Limited aims to inspire. For more than two decades, the company has been dedicated to create educational toys and lifestyle products to inspire imaginative minds of both children and adults. COG is formed by a group of experienced and dedicated specialists who have profound knowledge on graphic design, product design, computer programming, animation, management and manufacturing to turn creative ideas into fantastic products. COG has successfully created many unique and attractive product collections. These include“Dino Horizons”, a large collection of dinosaur-themed products; the well-rounded“Ein-O Science”, which has been continuously expanding its substantial collection of science kits adopting a‘hands-on’approach to promote STEM learning; Since COG has extensive experience on producing science-related toys, the company already fulfils the S-Science elements of making STEAM educational toys. Therefore, the toys will be even more beneficial to children when adopting other elements of STEAM in their products.