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Lotus Onda Industrial Co., Ltd.

Lotus Onda Industrial Co. Ltd with established in 1972 is a leading doll manufacturer. In 1985, the production facilities were shifted from Hong Kong to China at Longgang City and now have around 1,000 workers. The company handles manufacturing procedure within their CNC Milling Centre, which has awarded with ISO9001 Certification since 1996 and ISO14001 Certification since 2002.

Lotus Onda dolls with the toothy smile are stamped Lotus on the back of their neck. The company makes 18" dolls for various other companies/brands including Gali Girls (out of business), CP Toys (Today's Girls), Sears in Canada (Newberry dolls), My London Girl, the New York Doll Collection, and in the past, Lillian Vernon. They also make the Journey Girls sold at Toys 'R Us and the Espari dolls sold at Barnes and Noble.

10/F., Lee On Industria Blad., 70 Hung To Road Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
+852 2343 3921 / 2723 4010
+852 2797 8207/ 2724 3665
Business Nature:
Major Products:
Doll Carriage, Stroller & Cart    Doll House & Furniture    Electronic Doll    Fashion Doll    Porcelain Doll    Soft Body Doll   
Supplementary Products:
Major Export Market:
Year Establishment:
ISO9001, ISO14001
ODM Capability
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