Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Limited
Email: info@eastcolight.com
Website: www.eastcolight.com

Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Limited has 26 years of experience in designing and manufacturing highly regarded STEM educational toys, including AR Dinosaur Skeleton Museum, Deluxe Medical set, Electronic Fruit instruments sets, Electronic motion sensor, Solar roller coaster, Robotic Lobster, Hydraulic crane, and Fun Math games sets. The company designs and classifies its STEM products in 4 streams. For example, the mathematics games sets are categorised in the “M”athematics stream, while hydraulic crane which teaches kids the theory of water energy is under the “E”ngineering category.

Eastcolight has its own creative and experienced team of product designers specialising in the design of STEM toys. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing educational toys, the company is confident in its STEM toys. Eastcolight is also optimistic that the market demand for STEM toys will remain growing.

The company also produces more than 500 items, such as telescopes, microscopes, binoculars and electronic kits as gifts and promotional items, sold to over 110 countries worldwide. Besides, by obtaining ICTI, ISO9001 & SA8000 certificates, Eastcolight guarantees products quality and is confident that it can be one of the most reliable suppliers that customers look for.

Muse Lab Limited
Email: info@muselab.cc
Website: www.muselab.cc

Established by a bunch of Micro:Bit and Raspberry Pi geeks in Hong Kong, our team consists of makers and entrepreneurs who hail from 8 countries and love to experiment with new technologies.

As a reputable leader in the IOT space we have customers in over 10 countries, and over 350 schools use our STEM and IOT products. We are the only STEM & IOT company in Hong Kong who has been appointed official technical IOT adviser to a number of well-known educational institutions in Hong Kong and China.

Muse Lab recently developed a unique Lego compatible modular housing - MuseBricks. With a motor and battery shield included and a WIFI module that will add much flexibility and benefit to the users, these products are arguably the only ones available at this moment in time.

Muse (amusement) Lab brings lots of fun to the world of IOT for students.

Metas Services Ltd
Email: info@funmetas.com
Website: www.funmetas.com

METAS is a leading brand and supplier of STEM educational products. 

Based and set up in Hong Kong in 2014, we pride ourselves in designing and developing a modern range of unique educational products for the STEM education ecosystem.

Most of our products are designed in house with curriculum integrating with science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These toys are used to inspire and motivate students to “think outside the box” innovatively and create their imaginary world. 

Not only these toys are fun to play with, but they are entertaining too. Most importantly, it helps to stimulate interest and curiosity in the students.

Our vision is to collaborate with STEM educators, schools and the Ministry of Education to utilise our game-changing METAS educational products to be integrated as part of the school curriculum and/or after school activities.

Metas was awarded the best (Gold) ICT start up in Hong Kong in 2016.

COG Limited
Email: sales@cog.com.hk
Website: www.cog.com.hk

COG Limited aims to inspire. For more than two decades, the company has been dedicated to create educational toys and lifestyle products to inspire imaginative minds of both children and adults. COG is formed by a group of experienced and dedicated specialists who have profound knowledge on graphic design, product design, computer programming, animation, management and manufacturing to turn creative ideas into fantastic products. COG has successfully created many unique and attractive product collections. These include“Dino Horizons”, a large collection of dinosaur-themed products; the well-rounded“Ein-O Science”, which has been continuously expanding its substantial collection of science kits adopting a‘hands-on’approach to promote STEM learning; Since COG has extensive experience on producing science-related toys, the company already fulfils the S-Science elements of making STEAM educational toys. Therefore, the toys will be even more beneficial to children when adopting other elements of STEAM in their products.

4M Industrial Development Limited
Email: infodesk@4m-ind.com
Website: www.4m-ind.com

Hong Kong-based 4M is recognized as one of the premium brands in the educational toy trade. Since 1993 when 4M started with OEM service, the company has developed its own branded gadget items with glow in the dark products. Showcasing itself as a brand-builder, the company aims to grow 4M brand, delight its customers and deliver ever-more creative, innovative, high quality products that make learning fun.

Since late 1990s, 4M has developed its own educational toys series, mainly in the categories of science and crafts: the science category, including KidzLabs, Green Science and Fun Mechanics, emphasizes fun learning on experimental kits that would inspire young minds; and the crafts category, such as Mould & Paint, emphasizes fun crafts and inspiring kits. In 2015, the company developed its first AR wonder series – Dino Codes, a combination of physical toys and AR features, for which the company received Consumer Product Design Award of Hong Kong Awards for Industries 2016. The company also received Certificate of Merit for Innovation and Creativity as well as Technological Achievement in the same year.

Seeing educational toys as the market trend, the company continues to innovate and manufacture premium products that stimulate mental development, particularly STEAM toys (Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Math). The company has a strong commitment to develop and manufacture educational-fun toys that inspire the young generation to learn from simple but interesting experiments in a fun way.

Artrain Industrial Limited
Email: lth@artrain.com
Website: www.artrain.com

We firstly established as a brush factory in 1962 and then expanded our production lines to various types of art materials such as poster paint, watercolor and crayons. Years later, with our success in art supplies industry, we took a further step in art & craft activities development. In 2001, Artrain was registered as our trading brand and now it becomes one of the prestige brands in the industry.

Art is recently added to STEM educational approach, forming STEAM initiative in order to encourage children to come up with creative solutions towards real-world problems. Therefore, products from Artrain without a doubt fulfill the A - Art in STEAM, by which children can learn, think critically and incite their imagination through Artrain Art & Craft products.

Today, Artrain has a powerful New Product Development team backed up by the technical and chemical supporting staff. With our continuous research in existing products features and new products possibilities, we keep our two streams of parallel development in quality improvement and innovative invention. Our Sales team is ready for your enquiries about our products or business cooperation plans. We welcome all OEM and ODM projects. Moreover, various testing reports (e.g. ASTM and EN71) can be supplied to prove our product safety.

Panley (H.K.) Ltd.
Email: sales@panley.com
Website: www.panley.com

Panley has been specializing in paper toys over two decades of professional experience. Its business spreads worldwide and is favoured by international well-recognized companies, including Target and Toys R Us. Building up a series of enlightened learning materials suitable for children, the company strives to help them achieve better in learning and, more importantly, learn in a happy environment.

Products from Panley are divided into Science, Arts and Maths etc; therefore, children can learn the subjects of STEAM through their playtimes. Panley pays great attention in providing quality learning materials for children. Through the well-designed games created by European professional designers and partnership with education institutes, it provides unlimited entertainment for children in a “play to learn” mode and its products are awarded by 2017 Creative Child Magazine Award Program.

Panley has set up its own production factory in China which adopts strict quality control, with a mission to let children have a “smiley progress”. All paper materials meet FDS forest certification and products comply with EU safety standards.

Sam & Partners Limited
Email: info@sampartners.com.hk
Website: www.sampartners.com.hk

Sam & Partners Limited takes pride of its professional knowledge and experience in educational toy products. The company was established in 1994 with head office in Hong Kong and production facilities in Mainland, China. Product quality stands on top of its priority list, as always. Its dough products, Doh-Dough, conform to European & American safety standards, and offer a wide range of colourful dough and playsets. For advanced level, DD Sili-Doh embraces a creative collection of trendy art & craft sets for children to express their creativity and individuality in style. To further develop art & craft series, the company develops DD Beads, fused beads products, for kids to create their own design. They also have paper & magnetic product line called Wizabo with magnet book and pairing card games. Sam & Partners has a strong and creative team of designers and engineers to turn any fascinating idea into marketable product. The company welcomes OEM and ODM projects.

Guang Li Paper Products Limited
Email: info@fpf.com.hk
Website: www.fpf.com.hk

Funny Paper Furniture is a Hong Kong based company founded in 2009 by Guang Li Paper Products Limited which specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and exporting cardboard made consumer products to customers around the world. The company has a fully equipped factory in China and experienced staffs, which complies ISO-9001, providing high quality and safe paper products for dealers.

The company advocates original design from product’s shape design, structure design, artwork layout and packaging design. FPF also provides professional Technical Drawing and Product Development Service for customers’ creative and unique ideas. Children will be able to arouse their interest in art and craft while playing FPF products, which incarnating the STEAM philosophy. At the mean time, all of FPF products are made from bio-degradable, eco-friendly materials and completely recycle.

Little Bean Limited
Email: info@littlebean-p.com
Website: www.littlebean-p.com

Little Bean Limited provides multi faceted educational products which encourage learning and imagination. 

STEAM is a burgeoning education system that adopted by many schools around the world nowadays. Little Bean produces 3D puzzles with fun moving parts in different themes, such as Princess Castle, Pirate Ship, Disney Princess Castle , Doll House, Model Marker Cases etc. Most of the products are designed to have articulated moving parts. They require simple assembly which enable kids to lean simple moving mechanics and structure. Through the assembly process, they encourage children to utilize their creativity and imagination, which embody the STEAM philosophy.